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A forum dedicated for members of Phoenix Dream RPG video game development team working on its first RPG Faded Haven.
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    Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:02 pm
    Message by Sharna - Re: ten-pager
    Dreik wrote:
    You were the one to correct mistakes in Ten-pager right?
    Thanks :)I don't mind you doing that. Smile
    However, corrections like where you replaced Ogres with Orcs are unneeded as they aren't the same and I intended to write Ogres not orcs. Also, the description of M.I.L.O. was meant to be like it was. And for this game Darkness demons are called like that not Dark demons.
    in other words you can correct the faults, but don't change the information given Smile


    Oh, my computer told me that I should correct it, sorry ^_^

    Ohh, I changed darkness in some bits because it didn't make sense? I believe there was a spot for example where it said darkness cape rather than cape of darkness and it didn't sound right.

    Thank you!
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